Havoc XXXVI (2022)

Date TBD

Havoc Game Convention

Sponsored by Battle Group Boston

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Past Dave Award Winners

The Dave award was created in honor of Dave Donovan, friend and mentor to us all.

YearGame TitleGame Master
2021 ..not awarded.. Due to Covid, the convention was not held.
2020 ..not awarded.. Due to Covid, the convention was not held.
2019 Distress Signal Michael & Erich Eichner
2018 Steam Punk & Victorian Sci-fi Gabriel Landowski
2017 Take the Last Train to Vienna Jim Carroll and Andy Metheny
2016 Vicksburg, McClernand Attacks the Redoubts, May 22, 1863 Mike Sammarco and Chris Bonni
2015 Europe in Peril: Engagement at Brest-Litovsk 1920 Vic Gregoire
2014 First Battle of Ypres 1914 William Zona & Richard Claydon
2013 Corregidor: Retaking the Rock William Greenwald
2012 Borodino 1812 - 200th anniversary Scott Monteith
2011 Battle of Neumarkt, April 24 1809 Nigel Paul Marsh
2010 A Set Of Sevens Ed Sztramski
2009 Hunt for the Lonely Queen Tom Ballou & Rodney Fernald
2008 Evacuation Jim Keats & Pete English
2007 A Very Very Little War Ed Petrilak & Ed Sztramski
2006 Haut-Vents Tom Ballou
2005 Giant Monster Attack John Elia
2004 Et Tu Gregor Jim Hatch, Ed Sztramski & Ed Petrilak
2003 Nijmegen Martin Baber, Sam Scott, & Steve Smith
2002 Pointe du Hoc Martin Baber
2001 Epic Siege of Alesia Bob Rodgers & Don Miller
2000 Big Game Hunt Rodney Fernald
1999 - Tie! Somewhere in the Dark - Russia 1812

Viva Sandino!
Ed Petrilak

Jim Dirmaier
1998 Clan Raid Mark Brown
1997 Command Simulator Ed Petrilak & Ed Sztramski
1996 Dreadnoughts Jim Dirmaier
1995 Once Upon a Time in the Penninsular Ed Stevens