Havoc XXXVII (2023)

Mar 31-2, 2023

Havoc Game Convention

Sponsored by Battle Group Boston

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Info for Game Masters

Downloadable Resources
Havoc XXXVII (2023) Flyer (PDF)
Havoc XXXVII (2023) Flyer (Word)

Havoc XXXVII (2023) will be held on March 31st thru April 2nd, 2023 at Best Western, Marlborough, MA. We rely on you, the Game Master, to help make Havoc the best game convention in the Northeast. If there is anything we can do to make your event run smoother, just let us know on the BGB mailing list.

You can subscribe to our email notification list, hosted at Groups.IO by visiting an https://groups.io/g/bgb
We send important updates to this mailing list to keep Game Masters and Attendees informed of changes to events and other important announcements. You can also ask a questions on the group that we'll attempt to answer as quickly as we can.

As a GM, you get a big discount on your entry. If you're not planning on playing, you get in free. You can have one GM per 6 players, so if you run multiple periods or supporting a large number of players, feel free to have helper GMs. Each of them get the discounted entry as well.

If you are running a game and need to cancel at the last moment (or you're just going to be late), please let us know - contact the Convention Coordinator, Bruce Carson, at (781) 710-3626.