Havoc XXXVIII (2024)

Apr 5-7, 2024

Havoc Game Convention

Sponsored by Battle Group Boston

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The Al Garnache Award for Visuals

Starting at Havoc XXVI (2010), this award is presented for the game with the most stunning visual appeal. Our crack team of experts (expert team of cracks) will vote on the game that made us say "Wow!".

The Al award was created in honor of Al Garnache, an avid and active local player.

YearGame TitleGame Master
2022 Mark A. Morin Cortes' Causeway Escape Attempt
2021 ..not awarded.. Due to Covid, the convention was not held.
2020 ..not awarded.. Due to Covid, the convention was not held.
2019 Burgoyne's Gamble! Freeman's Farm Sept 19th 1777 Marvin E Veeder and Jamie Veeder
2018 Attack of the Warbots Mark Morin
2017 Frostgrave- The Calm Before the Storm! Mike Johns and Maxie Makay
2016 Arena Deathmatch Mayhem Melee Tournament Nathan and Daniel Allen
2015 Battle In the Trenches William Zona and Jim Carroll
2014 78 Yankees vs Redsox Leo Gallant & Pete Landry
2013 A Very Little War Returns The Eds
2012 Go for the Brains William Zona
2011 The Sudbury Fight Dave Soucy
2010 The Battle of Hobkirk's Hill (Second Battle of Camden) Chris Parker