Havoc XXXIX (2025)


Havoc Game Convention

Sponsored by Battle Group Boston

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What is the "Best of Time Slot" Award? How is it judged?

We wanted to recognize that there is an enormous amount of talent at our convention every year.

Almost since the beginning we awarded only a "Best of Show" award, The Dave. Several years ago we began to offer an award for each of the 5 individual time slots at Havoc. The judging is done by members of the Board of Directors of BGB all of whom are or have been game masters themselves. At least three members of the board must unanimously agree on a winner.

Here is what we are looking for not in any particular order;

  1. Originality. Did you try to run a game that no one has ever seen before or maybe very few people would even think to attempt? Obscurity counts!
  2. Workmanship. Do you have the best terrain money can buy or did you make it? Originality and creative resourcefulness and workmanship are all considered.
  3. Figures. Did you paint them or are they also the best figures money can buy? Buying stuff is okay but doing it yourself will usually trump store bought, especially if they are done well.
  4. Fun. Are the participants in your game enjoying themselves and having a good time?
  5. Gamesmanship. As game master are you oriented to making sure the participants are able to get up to speed and play your game in a reasonable time? How well organized are you in terms of "cheat sheets" for the players and ease of play aides.

This is just to give you an idea of what we look for. It is subjective but it seems to work. If you would like to help us in making this aspect of Havoc better please feel free to contact us via email and let us know. We look forward to your feedback on this!

YearGame TitleGame Master
2019 What a Tanker - North Africa Mark A. Morin
Planes, Trains and Automobiles David Soucy and Tom Desmond
Burgoyne's Gamble! Freeman's Farm Sept 19th 1777 Marvin E Veeder and Jamie Veeder
Distress Signal Michael & Erich Eichner
Ivan is a tanker Leif Magnuson
2018 Day of Atonement David Soucy
Brotherton Road & Brock Field, Chickamauga, Sept 19, 1863 Mike Sammarco and Chris Bonni
Steam Punk and Victorian Sci Fi Gabriel Landowski
When Trumpets Fade Thomas Ballou
Hanghai Raiders Strike Again! Mike Paine
2017 Frostgrave- The Calm Before the Storm! Mike Johns and Maxie Makay
Take the Last Train to Vienna Jim Carroll and Andy Metheny
Battle of Sagamore Creek Daniel Diamond
The Bruneval Raid Sean Barnett
2016 With Wingate in Burma Vic Gregoire
Vicksburg, McClernand Attacks the Redoubts, May 22, 1863 Mike Sammarco and Chris Bonni
Arena Deathmatch Mayhem Melee Tournament Nathan and Daniel Allen
What Happens In Vegas Gregg Belevick
2014 On the Road to France Scott Monteith
Heth Pushes Onward Mike Sammarco & Chris Bonni
Hanghai Raiders Mike Paine
78 Yankees vs Redsox Leo Gallant & Pete Landry
Circus Maximus Rodney Fernald & Brian Gillespie
2013 A Nice Night For A Run...Awaaayyyy!!! Edgar Traverso and Mike Moore
Corregidor: Retaking the Rock William Greenwald
Hunt for the Red King Dave Soucy
Ambush The Convoy/ Meat Grinder 1947 Jason & Chaz Weimer
The Road to Bitapaka Jim Carroll