Havoc XXXVI (2020)

Sep 11-13, 2020

Havoc Game Convention

Sponsored by Battle Group Boston

Important: Havoc has been rescheduled to September! GMs and Players who are already signed up need to confirm that they can make the new dates.
GMs: Please edit your event(s) and add "OK" in the special instructions to indicate that you can still run your event. (we'll then quickly re-accept the event).
Dave Winner from 2019
Distress Signal
by Michael & Erich Eichner

Havoc is the premier miniatures convention of the Northeast and has run continuously for 35 years. Havoc XXXVI (2020) will be held on September 11th thru September 13th, 2020 at Gendron-American Legion Hall, Sutton, MA

Havoc has a long tradition of being the best miniatures convention in the Northeast with high quality games, displays and tournaments. The Dave Award, BGB's recognition of excellence is presented to the best of show event at each Havoc. You can see the past winners here.

We also present The Al Award, in memory of Al Garnache. This award is given to the game master that puts on the event with the most visual appeal.

Don't want to pay for attendance? That's O.K. you can get in Free. We've always allowed visitors to come by and check out all the games and visit the dealers.

Come and give our new venue a try!


On-line registration is open between August 5th and September 5th, 2020. Please check back between those dates to register.

You can find more information (like costs) on our attendee page.

Game Masters:

Event Submission is OPEN

Game masters can submit events for the convention until July 26th