Havoc XXXIV (2018)

Apr 6-8, 2018

Havoc Game Convention

Sponsored by Battle Group Boston

Havoc is the premier miniatures convention of the Northeast and has run continuously for 33 years. Havoc XXXIV (2018) will be held on April 6th thru April 8th, 2018 at Maironis Park, Shrewsbury MA.

Dave Winner from 2017
Take the Last Train to Vienna
by Jim Carroll and Andy Metheny

Havoc has a long tradition of being the best miniatures convention in the Northeast with high quality games, displays and tournaments. The Dave Award, BGB's recognition of excellence has been is presented to the best of show event at each Havoc. You can see the past winners here.

Beginning in 2010, we also began present The Al Award, in memory of Al Garnache. This award is given to the game master that puts on the event with the most visual appeal.

Don't want to pay for attendance? That's O.K. you can get in Free. We've always allowed visitors to come by and check out all the games and visit the dealers.

We're scaling down this year and will have fewer dealers, but the quality of items will remain. Consider stopping in even if it is just to gawk at all the wonderful miniatures, terrain, games, and accessories you could buy.


Event Registration is OPEN! You select your events on the website and then can pay using PayPal, Credit/Debit Card or by mailing a check.

Hurry - on-line registration ends April 1st, 2018

Game Masters:

The normal event submission deadline is past. You can still add your event - it's just that a few attendees may have already registered and won't have the benefit of seeing your event.